I’m Here! I’m Here! Come See Me!

Well, here I am again, belated as usual. I have pretty well recovered from all the falling and surgery of last year. I often find myself reflecting on a couple of things about that: the year+ spent recovering from a split-second misfortune (yeah, I’m angry about it) and what to do about all the broken promises that arose from it. Worthwhile topics and worth pursuing at some point, I suppose, but not today.

Today, I have happier things to talk about.

I have another craft show coming up! Once again it will be at Bwiched up on Green Mountain in Lakewood, CO on August 13th. I don’t know what the times will be, so stay tuned. Check my Facebook page; it gets updated more often. By the way, if you live in the Denver Metro area, especially the west side, and haven’t been up to sample their sandwiches, you are depriving yourself in a very sad way. They also have concerts and shows several nights a week, so what are you waiting for?

Beginning Thursday evening,6-8 pm, September 8th, I will be teaching a class at the Active Adult Center in Wheat Ridge CO! It’s called Polymer Clay 101 and will introduce you to the basics of polymer clay through a few fun projects, just in time for Christmas. It costs a whopping $20 with $15 material fee and runs for four weeks. Pictures of the projects will be posted on Facebook because it’s easier from my phone, which happens to have the best camera in the house. Contact the Active Adult Center at (303) 205-7500 for information on enrolling, as the Fall Activities brochure isn’t out yet.

I may have another one-day craft show coming up, but I’m waiting on more information about it first. I’ll let you know when I do.

Now I need to keep producing those sample pieces for the class (the process of making all the mistakes so the students can find their own original ones), so I’m off. Really, I will try to write more here. No promises, though; I keep breaking them, which makes me feel guilty so I keep avoiding it.  Humans are complicated creatures, aren’t we?



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