Best Laid Plans

I had great plans for this year. I was going to do so many things, including ramping up my businesses as an editor, writer, and polymer clay artist. I’ve actually done some, but this year took an interesting turn on February 10th.

I fell. I was walking from my car to the gym, where I was going to ride the stationary bike and do some light weight lifting. I’d been working for some time on redeveloping muscle tone and general health. It was a beautiful sunny day, about the last nice day we’d have in February, 2015.

I fell on the sidewalk about fifteen steps from the door on a beautiful sunny day, breaking my left arm into several pieces and dislocating my elbow.

I now have a plate and screws in my left arm. I finally had to stop occupational therapy because we ran out of money to pay for it, what with all my medical bills this year, some of which may follow us into our next lives. Even though we have very good insurance, there are still co-pays and things only paid for partially, like metal plates and screws. It’s been a fiercely expensive process.

My arm is still weak, so I do my exercises at home and go to aquafitness classes a couple of times a week.

It’s hard for me to leave my house because I am so afraid of falling again. I try to get out at least once a day, because I really am not a mushroom. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and not going outside is a shame. Nonetheless, I have to have someone with me or I just can’t. I don’t feel good about that, but right now it’s the way it is.

Some of things I’d planned for the year have come about, despite the injury. In January, before all this happened, my husband and I went to Florida. We stayed with friends in Clermont, about 30 minutes from Orlando. We had a week, during which we went to Homosassa Springs, Clearwater, Daytona Beach, and EPCOT. It was fabulous! We saw real live manatees! Clearwater grew skyscrapers since I saw it last and the Gulf still rolls in! Daytona is still Daytona and felt so much like coming home, even after I accidentally donated my pretty cane to the river. See? I have to go back! I left something there! EPCOT was marvelous beyond words.

Arm or not, I visited my mom on Mother’s Day, down in Las Cruces, NM. My son and his baby daughter came from Virginia and one of my nieces came from Atlanta. We had a wonderful mini-renunion. Mom and I even spent an afternoon in Old Mesilla, one of my most favorite places. It was a lovely time, reconnecting with family, catching up, and eating nectarines fresh of the tree. My son introduced Mom and I to DoTerra Essential Oils. Mom uses them for her tremors and I use them for my allergies and, of course, my arm. Frankincense, in particular, has been amazingly helpful in calming the nerves I so magnificently disturbed.

Needless to say, though, my plans for business and art have taken a hit this year. I have done some editing for Suzanne Muller-Heinz, author of Loveable – 21 Practices for Being in a Loving and Fulfilling Relationship. I had an article and an editorial published in The Polymer Arts. In fact, if you want to jump over to that site and snag a copy of the Fall 2015 edition, my editorial piece is at the end of it. I’m working with Sage, my esteemed editor, to get another piece written for the Winter issue.

I finally started seriously working with clay again. I’ve made a number of steampunk hearts, inspired by my new steampunk arm (they wouldn’t put a flywheel and stuff in, but they did what they could). I also created a pumpkin sculpture and submitted it to a juried show over at 40 West Arts. I’m holding breath.

This has gone on longer than I planned, but it’s been the whole year so far. Mostly, I’ve been recovering. Now that I’m mostly well and just rebuilding my strength and all, it’s time to finish the year with a — no, there’ve been sufficient bangs this year, thanks. How about finishing big? Yeah, much better!

So, here’s what’s up for the rest of the year:

  • Write that article for The Polymer Arts.
  • Finish the primitive head beads for the Mile High Polymer Clay Guild swap. More on that later.
  • Keep my promise to update this blog.
  • Take pictures of my artwork and get stuff posted for sale. Gotta pay those co-pays somehow!
  • Get out of the house more and handle the fear. That may be the biggest thing.
  • Edit more articles for Suzanne. If you’re interested in having me edit your work, fill out the contact form below. I’ll get back to you with my rates and such within 48 hours.

I’ll post some pictures next time.

It’s good to be here again. How has your world been this year? Post a comment or two and let’s catch up.


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